Would you like a head-up-display at work?

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 30. September 2021.

Say that you meet a colleague for the first time. You need to collaborate, but you don’t know her preferred communication style (does she like facts or feelings), her background and experience in details, nor her skillset and preferred roles on the project. Would it be nice to have information like that on a head-up-display, in real time?

Or how about a live VR manual for a workshop? Or a guide to fixing the machine you are running?

Xiaomi shows off concept smart glasses with MicroLED display, as a pretty trustworthy product to-be. I can see tons of applications … and also that it might ruin the poetry and fun of being a human being amongst human beings, with quirks and awkward behaviour.

This is a signal of how technology might augment our workplace. It is a possible future, but is it one that we prefer?

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