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Why we need futures literacy in primary school

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 13. July 2021.

Our friends at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies wrote a nice piece on the need for futures literacy in primary schools. (The article on Mandag Morgen is in Danish. However, Google Translate and other translation services perform a decent job in making it available in English). 

“The world is changing, and the future has never been more important or approached with faster pace. Climate change, ethics in artificial intelligence, rising inequality and declining democratic commitment – but who is really capable of acting on the future?” 

Being able to imagine and debate the future is key to affect the future in the way that we want; our preferable future. Thus, we should infuse this in primary schools so that our kids and their kids can shape the world. 

“Like reading skills, future skills can be trained and acquired at many different levels. We can actively train our imagination as a muscle that helps us challenge the underlying assumptions and biases that define our view of the world and control our actions.”

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