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When AI enters the space of ethical decision making, human skepticism is still needed

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 23. December 2021.

I have been watching this bunch of signals for 10 years: Software is slowly entering the realm of leadership and especially in two areas: helping us see blind spots in our communication and collaboration and supporting us in decision making.  

This article is a signal for the latter:

“Artificial intelligence researchers have developed Delphi, a machine that mimics human moral decision-making. (…) They ran 1,000 examples of Delphi’s advice by real people to see if they concurred with the algorithm’s decisions. Impressively, these raters agreed with Delphi’s judgments 92% of the time.” 

You can meet and try Delphi here.

Still, Delphi has some issues (as the author of the article describes), but this is yet a signal of AI in the leadership space. I do think that this is interesting, and that we should investigate and play with it. For example, when we work in multicultural settings, we can practice our language and negotiation style. When we are in doubt, we can have more opinions on the table. 

And as always, the use of software in leadership requires us to (a) be skeptical and (b) ensure that we have our personal and shared moral compass in tune.

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