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What Defines a Great Company Culture?

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 23. April 2021

Clarity and consistency are two of the means to shaping it. Dan Rose, who has spent 20 years at Facebook and Amazon, shared his insight on defining great company culture in this thread on Twitter:  

Open vs closed is one dimension of a company culture. FB was also more egalitarian, Amazon more hierarchical. Both companies had a high tolerance for failure (compared to Apple for example). The important thing about culture is clarity & consistency, especially as a company scales. 

Consistency is key to defining company culture:

They key to a strong culture is consistency from the top. The CEO’s job is to make sure everyone on the management team is on the same page. If a senior leader wants to create their own unique culture for their part of the org, they can’t be allowed to stay. 


There are many benefits to a strong culture: it makes interviewing easier, gives employees a sense of belonging, helps avoid politics, provides energy and zeal, cuts through a lot of BS. No culture is perfect, but great companies and founders are highly intentional about culture.

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