Virtual Presence is going to be one of the top skills in demand the coming five years

By Puk Duerlund Falkenberg, 30. December 2021.

The future will be hybrid. This means that we will see in job ads an increase in searching for skills such as ‘Virtual Presence’ and ‘Working Remotely’. In fact, 62% of the asked respondents in a new report say they believe in an increase in demand for ‘Virtual Presence’ over the next five years. 

“Respondents report that demand for capabilities in areas such as digital transformation, virtual presence and digital literacy are expected to continue to increase the most over the next five years, and therefore the acceleration that we are seeing shows no signs of slowing.” 

But what does it mean to have virtual presence? Is it having the right light, camera and sound on virtual meetings? Is it about getting beyond the screen? Or is it about knowing the tools for virtual meetings and facilitation? Maybe it’s all of the above and we have to practice how we present ourselves on the screen as well as the tools we use for it. 

On top of this, the report states that

“Digital learning is currently the first choice for employee development in the majority of cases.” 

This indicates that training your digital skills will not be wasted going forward. 

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