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The Reckoning to Come

By Tore Nielsen, 19. October 2021.

Imagine going to the pharmacy and being able to know how a specific drug is likely to affect you; for instance based on reviews by people with similar genomes and ailments. Imagine having research papers where you can run the exact same experiments live from the paper and all the previous papers it is built on. And imagine having entire countries in the cloud. All of this enabled by blockchain technology.

This signal may be from the distant future, or it could be an indication of the more unlikely scenarios. In either case, it provides a glimpse of the more radical transformative possible futures to come.

In this episode of the acclaimed podcast “Making Sense”, Sam Harris speaks with tech-entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan about several civilizational challenges and possible paths forward. While a lot of topics are discussed, they are centered around the relationship between politics and technology.

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