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The Operating System Canvas

By Maike Stoll, 2. April 2021

“Every team has at its core a set of assumptions, beliefs, principles, practices, processes, and policies. This operating system (OS) — the organizational ‘DNA’ — is so pervasive, unquestioned, and deeply held that we don’t even notice it.”


“More and more companies are abandoning the old ways in search of the new.”


“Grouping principles and practices of the community together, the original canvas morphed into twelve new dimensions that represent the proving ground for the future of work.”

“The canvas asks teams to consideroften for the very first time, why they work the way they do. This can provoke a conversation, and that conversation can provoke a change.”

A fantastic way to diagnose your organization is to examine each of the twelve boxes in the OS Canvas. This model was coined by Aaron Dignan in his great book “Brave New Work”. We use this model together with leaders and leadership teams to get a detailed understanding of the perception of each of the components, that an organization exists of. Highly recommended reading! 

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