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The future workplaces are not for working

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 09. December 2021.

Okay, maybe it’s a provocative title but the meaning is correct: The future workplaces are for connecting, not for sitting and working. 

A clear signal of the future hybrid world is that we need to establish relationships and connections with each other. Some companies are deliberately designing their new workplaces to facilitate that – and they even have a role as Chief Social Connectivity Officer (CSCO).  

“The future involved a workplace where people could establish relationships, build culture, seed innovation and develop staff. It would be a social hub where her employees could come together to discuss ideas and come up with solutions to knotty problems. Her (the CSCO’s) job was to facilitate the kinds of interactions that could not happen remotely.” 

Creating the office as an experience has been a signal for some time. It’s growing stronger! 

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