Reach out – and let us collaborate

Working with us is a collaboration. When we engage with our customers and collaborators, we focus on three things:

  1. Do we have compatible philosophies and mindsets?
  2. Do we understand what we strive to obtain together?
  3. Do we want to build and nurture a relationship with each other?

We do not have off-the-shelf approaches to our work. We invest time in understanding the problem or opportunity at hand, in exploring possible ways forward, and in evaluating the learnings as we go along.

  • Our ambition is to enable you to shape your Future of Work.
  • Our mindset is based on curiosity, possibilism, and prosperity for all.
  • Our expertise is rooted in Futures Thinking, Future of Work, and Organizational Design.

We love humans; we love technology.

We explore and evaluate possible futures, together with you.

Puk Duerlund Falkenberg

Puk focuses on Organizational Design and New Ways of Working.

With an education as Change Manager and with a business acumen in making things happen, Puk is a great partner in engaging with you and your colleagues to make things work.

Puk is a seasoned podcast host and keynote speaker.

Puk Duerlund Falkenberg
(+45) 3146 1232

Erik Korsvik Østergaard

Erik focuses on Futures Thinking and the Future of Work.

Erik is often engaged in complex corporate challenges, typically in the regulated industries. He is an engineer with an acumen in business leadership.

Erik is a seasoned podcast host, keynote speaker, and author of two books about the future of work.

Erik Korsvik Østergaard
(+45) 3146 2426

Tore Nielsen

Tore focuses on Systems Thinking and New Ways of Working.

With a great sense for people and with experience in the agile methodologies, Tore is a trusted partner in exploring new ways of working in an involving way.

Tore is an experienced facilitator and podcast host too.

Tore Nielsen
(+45) 2538 1964

Thea Tolstrup Bramming

Thea focuses on organisational design and new ways of working.

Combining deep experience in leadership and culture with thorough understanding of the tech industry, Thea can help you design and implement a future proof culture and organisation whether you are a scale-up or an enterprise company.

Thea is an experienced facilitator, coach and key note speaker.

Thea Tolstrup Bramming
(+45) 2987 7580

Together we shape the futures of work

We dare to explore and evaluate possible futures so that we together can create a better, brighter tomorrow for the organizations and people of the world, today.

Good Morning April is your partner in futures literacy and organizational design. Together we apply and combine Futures Thinking, Futures of Work and Organizational Design to create a new way of working.

We bring likeminded people together to share and improve ideas and thoughts. We dream of helping 1,000,000 leaders in shaping a better, brighter tomorrow.