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Social and emotional skills are in demand in a hybrid workplace

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 25. May 2021

The pandemic has boosted the investment in skill-building in the past year, as companies have seen the need for new cognitive and emotional skills. Hybrid work requires new mechanisms, and new interpersonal skills. 

In the latest McKinsey Global Survey on reskilling, they document that:

“The rapid rise of digitization and remote work has placed new demands on employees who, in many instances, now require different skills to support significant changes to how work gets done and to the business priorities their companies are setting.”


“They also require help from their employers to develop the skills that will make the overall business, and its individual employees, future-ready.

69 percent of organizations are building more social and emotional skills now than they did before the COVID-19 crisis. Especially they are upskilling for digital mastery, for project management in a hybrid world, and interpersonal skills and empathy.

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