Our signal database for the Future of Work

Constantly we scan our sources for trends and signals about the future of work – here you can access the entire collection of our signal database:

  • A signal is a specific example of a trend or driver
  • A trend or driver is the bigger force behind the example
  • Megatrends are trends that have an effect on a global scale

We research the signals, so you don’t have to

Because we deliberately spend time and money on reading, listening, thinking, and discussing the futures of work.

Our signal database

Mental Health


Leadership & Organization

Futures Literacy

Signals: Mental Health


Getting real-time data on emotions at work

Imagine being at a meeting. It’s you and your colleague, discussing your proposal for some marketing activities. You can sense that your colleague is uncomfortable. In the future you can get real-time data on emotions, so that we can act on them with care (or exploit them to our own benefit, if we’re that kind of person).

Signals: Technology


We seem to trust AI-Generated faces more than the real thing

Deep fakes. AI-generated videos of leaders, sharing messages. Avatars that guide you and help you. Lots of bits of technology are pointing towards a possible future where the augmented reality or even the metaverse will play a role in communication, storytelling, and marketing (internally as well as externally).

Signals: Organization & Leadership


Recycled wind turbine blades

What happens when material from sustainable solutions is getting old?
In this signal, they recycle old wind turbine blades and make a bridge. It’s a clear signal of how we think and should keep thinking to be able to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Signals: Futures Literacy