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“I do not do sports and I only run at the airport if I am late for a flight”

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 6. December 2020

“I do not do sports and I only run at the airport if I am late for a flight. Many people love it, but it’s not just me. I like to sit with a book open and read – this is where I relax my brain.”


“It’s all about purpose. You can not live without one “.


“It’s about purpose and adaptation. You have to believe in what you do. You have to be proud of what you do. The successful winning companies of the future are the ones who have the best people. And you only get the best people, if you have a strong purpose.”

Those are quotes by Ester Bai­get, CEO for Novozymes. She is a clear representative for the paradigm shift away from a management style based purely on masculine virtues. The future of leadership is rooted in purpose, personal leadership, authenticity, and a mix of masculine and feminine virtues.

Just as Joacim Præst Nielsen notes (the journalist form Børsen who conducted the interview with Ester Baige), I have also noted that leaders on all levels have moved away from the focus on marathons, new hours of sleep, and financial goals. Increasingly more leaders focus on mental well-being, yoga, meditation, sleep, and healthy food. The future of leadership is about purpose!

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