Hybrid work paves the way for gender equity at work and home?

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 6. October 2021.

“For all the pain, suffering and death, the pandemic has also brought us to a moment of reckoning: we now have an unprecedented opportunity to re-imagine gender equity at work and home.”

So many people are taking the time to stop, reflect, and adjust their course. Work-from-home has shifted the view on gender roles both at work and at home, and the post-pandemic hybrid work might just take advantage of that learning.

OECD has a series of articles on the modern workplace, and in this they highlight how the hybrid work has reinstalled the focus on care and caretaking, both at home as parents and family, and at work as human-focused leaders and employees.

A clear signal of a more people-focused future to come if we encourage and nurture it. The question is now how many people will try to hinder this.

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