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How we shop is changing – but how retailers invite us in is changing too

By Puk Duerlund Falkenberg, 1. March 2022.

Many things are happening in the retail industry as things are becoming more fluent between the digital and in-store experience.

I remember, a couple of years ago, where the message was that every store needed a web-shop. It was a message of “either, or”.

NOW it’s becoming a message of “both, and”.

Retailers need to think of all the touchpoints they have with their customers from TikTok, in-store, adds, meta-verse, influencers, digital presence, and community. The article states:

“The modern retailer’s journey into digital sees them adapting their core, exploring digital products and experiences, and exploring the metaverse​.”

There are many signals in the retail industry, another one of the strong signals is how customers are asking for traceability in demand. This paragraph from Deloitte describes it well:

“Circularity is on a fantastic growth trajectory with the second-hand clothing sector expected to grow faster than fast fashion. Meanwhile consumer attitudes towards sustainability means that traceability is a critical capability required to deliver on climate promises​ and achieve science-based targets to reduce emissions.”

These strong signals all tire together in trends of how our shopping habits are changing and how the retailers are moving and innovating with us.

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