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How to Return: Building a new muscle for re-opening

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 26. July 2021.

“Return is not a phase; it’s a way of operating. A nerve center can help build the capabilities that businesses need in the ‘next normal.’” 

Hybrid work, hybrid work, hybrid work. It’s everywhere. We must find ways to balance 3-4-5 working days, synchronous and asynchronous activities, rhythms and traditions, different time zones, multiple communication channels, and much more. 

McKinsey suggests thinking of this as a muscle with two modes at the same time: Fast and slow.

“The muscle has to be a ‘fast-twitch’ one, characterized by a willingness to change plans and base decisions on hypotheses about the future. (…) And the muscle also needs some ‘slow-twitch’ fibers to set long-term plans and manage through structural shifts.

We say this often in our transformation projects: We need to have frequent changes when it comes to technology, solutions, processes, innovation, etc. And we need slow changes when it comes to social capital, our approach to relationships, and virtues.

This is something that you train and nurse. It takes time. 

Persistence and patience. Persistence and patience.

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