What is in the horizon for Futures of Work?

What are the signals and anomalies that lead to new trends and scenarios within Futures of Work?

What mechanisms in organizations might change based on the signals?

And how can you use these signals in your strategy, your culture, and your leadership?

Each year in April we release the Horizon Scanning Document with the latest discovered signals when it comes to Futures of Work.

It’s called a ‘Horizon Scanning’ document because we scout into the horizon to see what developments and movements that are coming towards us. We stand on our toes – or even a ladder – to get a glimpse of the anomalies and odd happenings, that might affect us.

The Horizon Scanning Document is used both as inspiration for your work, and as a concrete tool for Signal Sorting during the Futures Thinking process. The document does not list the current trends but focuses on the signals that might lead to the next trends.