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From Futures Literacy to strategic foresight

By Maike Stoll, 29. March 2021

“Futures thinking and doing is a fundamental skill set for any employee now and in the future. In fact, companies cannot afford to delegate the contents and outcomes of the future-proofing exercises to a few experts and top leadership alone.”


“Futures thinking is considered difficult because it involves dealing with complex systems and processes that can seem impossible to map. Yet, 95% of survey participants sees that futures thinking is an extra gear to perform better.”

How do you go from Futures Literacy to strategy? Moreover, how important is that skill to top managers, the IT department – and to HR? Indeed, you will be surprised how low the number is according to this survey.

Correspondingly, Futurice suggests that the way forward is to:

  1. Develop futures micro-habits: Delve into scientific findings and pop culture speculations as a legitimate part of everyday working life.
  2. Support a futures culture where a broad base of employees are happy to scan for influences, imagine possibilities and communicate their findings.
  3. Reinvent your company core by experimentation – not by strategy making.

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