April Day

Every April we release our Horizon Scanning Document; a report that gathers signals and shares scenarios for the Futures of Work.


Every October we have our open 24-hour hackathon event, where we jointly explore and evaluate new solutions to the Futures of Work.

April Day

Every April we release a Horizon Scanning Document with the latest discovered signals and scenarios when it comes to Futures of Work.

A Horizon Scanning Document is one of the absolute cornerstones in a Futures Thinking process. Such a document contains signals, anomalies, trends, and reflections related to a specific domain, for example, the Future of Food, the Future of Play, the Future of Urban Living … or (as for this document) the Futures of Work.

When we release the document, we also interview thought leaders, business influencers, and business leaders to react to the content to share their personal perspectives on the likelihood and the likability of the effect of the signals.

The content in the Horizon Scanning Document can be directly used in your organization, your leadership team, or your strategy group. It helps you to have a more concrete and inspired conversation and enables you to rethink some of your internal mechanisms and activities.


Every October we have our 24-hour open hackathon. We gather a bunch of curious and playful people in a modern workshop to explore and evaluate new hacks to solve both existing and new problems in the world of work.

“Hacktober” is a fusion of hackathon and October. Originally, the word “hackathon” is a fusion of the words “hack” and “marathon”, where “hack” describes solving problems in new ways. The term originated in the IT/programming world.

This hackathon focuses on the Future of Work rather than programming. It is a workshop format with massive influence on which areas we want to debate – and on the result.

This years Hacktober is our fourth, where we combine Futures Thinking and Design Thinking with Future of Work. It’s fun and engaging!