Do you suffer from Technostress?

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 29. November 2021.

Are you a “digital worker” or are you “working digitally”? The difference is a mindset and an approach to hybrid work. Copenhagen Business School is researching the digital future for us all. And the term Technostress describes the negative implications of the digital world:  

“In terms of negative implications, it is well-known that increasingly frequent and intense introduction of new technologies in the workplace can create what is known as technostress. People experience technostress when they cannot adapt to or cope with information technologies in a healthy manner.” 

The article is by Mari-Klara Stein, an associate professor at the department of Digitalization at Copenhagen Business School, and is part of a series on the digital future. 

CBS is hosting one of the many sessions at Digital Tech Summit taking place in Copenhagen 30/11 and 1/12. Erik will be on the panel, sharing his view on technology in leadership in the next 10 years.

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