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Deloitte mentions Teal as a part of meaningful life science organizations

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 15. June 2021

“Some even say that we are moving toward a passion economy – where meaningful and value-based work is an important factor in accepting a job.” 

Deloitte quotes Li Jin, the author of “The Passion Economy and the Future of Work”, in the Deloitte Insights report “2020 Global life sciences outlook”. 

Deloitte also mentions Teal as a part of meaningful organizations. In fact, the report follows up with describing Teal as an example of a framework that suits all, the passion approach, the meaningfulness, and the life science industry: Self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose. Work has to be meaningful, and impactful. 

There is an emerging movement of employees who use their influence to drive an agenda. This is typically rooted in a wish for sustainability or based on business ethics or morale. Is purpose and meaningfulness a signal from the future, that we need to embrace? Yes! 

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