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Could – and should – CEOs be automated?

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 13. May 2021

So, the title of this article is clearly a journalistic stretch, but it highlights a lurking skepticism: Could and should we rethink the organizational structure, the roles of management and leadership, and the connected incentive schemes?

In the article, the author states:

“Human decision-making is the product of irrational biases and assumptions. This is one of the reasons strategy is so difficult, and roles that involve strategic decision-making are so well paid.

But he also provokes us with 

the difficulty of making genuinely rational strategic decisions, and the cost of the people who do so, are also good reasons to hand this work over to software. 

The question to you: When is software helpful in leadership? Is it really possible to outsource or automate decision-making? Thomas Terney (a Danish PhD in artificial intelligence, now entrepreneur and CEO) uses nuances in his analysis of this question: When is AI equal to automized intelligence? Augmented intelligence? Adaptive intelligence? Or autonomous intelligence?

I think that any decision-making system (being based on humans or machines) should work as input, letting us look at different options and shedding light into blind spots. On top of that, the leaders make the choices. 

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