What is The Metaverse and why has it become the macro-goal of tech giants Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google?

Being your own HR Business Partner? This application could help you understand your own business and culture problems.

Imagine going to the pharmacy and being able to know how a specific drug is likely to affect you, based on reviews by people with similar genomes and ailments as yourself. This signal may be from the distant future, but it provides a glimpse of the more radical transformative possible futures to come.

Government and big businesses have been using expensive and complex AI tools for a while, but now small and medium businesses are also leveraging the advantages of highly focused AI tools, that are available to everyone.

So many people are taking the time to stop, reflect, and adjust their course. Work-from-home has shifted the view on gender roles both at work and at home, and the post-pandemic hybrid work might just take advantage of that learning.

McKinsey has identified 56 distinct elements of talent (DELTAs) that help citizens thrive in the future of work.

Say that you meet a colleague for the first time. You need to collaborate, but you don’t know her preferred communication style (does the like facts or feelings), her background and experience in details, nor her skillset and preferred roles on the project. Would it be nice to have information like that on a head-up-display, in real time?

The New Disruptors

You are probably aware of how millennials have been shaping the workplace with different expectations than previous generations. This is not a one-time thing.

Are we living in a golden age of innovation? It would seem so. Not only are we making amazing technological advancements – we are also seeing radical new ways of management emerge.

Is hybrid work a fit for all? Or rather, how can we facilitate the discussion around hybrid work, so that people can be part of shaping it to their own personal preference?