I have been watching this bunch of signals for 10 years: Software is slowly entering the realm of leadership and especially in two areas: helping us see blind spots in our communication and collaboration and supporting us in decision making.

Coursera has released a “Global Skills Report”, highlighting the requests for courses and upskilling in various domains and in various parts of the world.

Google has tons of data, gathered over many years of research on collaboration, leadership, and productivity. Their Re:Work website has surfaced and shared many nuggets. In 2017, Project Oxygen has identified six qualities of the modern leader.

Okay, maybe it’s a provocative title but the meaning is correct: The future workplaces are for connecting, not for sitting and working.

Our friend Timm Urshinger gave an interview to United Networker about his view on business agility trends. Read all about them here.

Are you a “digital worker” or are you “working digitally”? The difference is a mindset and an approach to hybrid work. Copenhagen Business School is researching the digital future for us all, and the term Technostress describes the negative implications of the digital world.

Viisi Hypotheken just won Nr. 1 Best Workplace in Europe 2021 in the category for small companies. The company was founded in 2010 and has in it’s development adopted Holacracy and even moved beyond.

IKEA and Fusion is joining a growing number of brands that choose to forgo the historically most lucrative day in the fiscal year, instead encouraging their customers to be more thoughtful with their purchasing behaviors.

If you, your colleagues, or your leader need a short intro to Futures Literacy and the terminology, this is a nice article to share with them.

Deep fakes have been a thing for some years, being increasingly hard to tell if the video clip is fake or not, thereby challenging our assumption of trust in the message. But what if you stated loud and clear that this IS a faked video message, and then embraced it fully as a means of communication?