Today’s episode examines whether culture shapes the organization, or the organization shapes the culture and the importance of trust within this dynamic.

Today’s episode focuses on the topics of self-management, network of teams and principles of the progressive organization.

What is the status of the social network in the modern organization? And what does an organizational network analysis reveal about the other signals?

This episode is a talk about social capital, social contracts, the ideal sizes for teams, of co-leadership as well as teal working practices.

Today’s episode focuses on fragmented organizations. We discuss what tools organizations should adopt and the importance of organizations having a unifying mission.

Today’s episode focuses on innovative approaches to money in the modern organization discussing topics such as hiring, salaries and bonuses.

Today’s episode is about how to create decision-making mechanisms for the modern age and asks the question, who decides, who decides?

This episode of the podcast is about organizational design from a perspective on stability to adaptability.

Is the organizational design a mirror of the leadership culture? Are organizational designers the heroes of this decade?

Do you wan’t to have a cobot that helps and support you in your work? Or do you prefer that we all have a cobot and they can work together and coordinate between them?