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Business Agility trends 2022 – do you agree?

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 7. December 2021.

Our friend Timm Urshinger gave an interview to United Networker about his view on business agility trends: 

  • #1 Larger than life Curiosity. 
  • #2 Everything starts with trust and transparency. 
  • #3 Create a safe space. 
  • #4 Circles are not more agile than pyramids!
  • #5 Purpose makes sense. 
  • #6 Teal – the organizational model of the future 

It really sits nicely with us, and I think you should dive into especially number 4 and 6: Agility does not come with the structure only, but requires mindset and mechanisms, which Teal is a great example of.  

The article is in German, and Google Translate does a good job in delivering it in your preferred language.

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