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What happens at work, when we have mind-reading technology?

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 28. November 2020

“The U.S. Army is pouring money into neuroscience research, in a bid to try and decode the meaning behind different brain signals. The ultimate goal — likely still far in the future — is to build a system that would allow soldiers to communicate with nothing more than their thoughts, according to C4ISRNET. It’s a bold initiative that highlights the bizarre ways medical technology could change the very nature of warfare — and soldiers themselves.”

What if you can communicate via brain signals, at work? The U.S. Army is currently working on this. What will happen, if and when mind-reading technology becomes a thing at work? Will it enable better collaboration between employees? Or will it rather create spookiness?

On the positive side, you can establish communication in e.g. noisy conditions like factories or with a colleague in an other building.

On the negative side, you can read your employees minds to monitor them.

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